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Making a decision on how and with who your dog gets their daily exercise isn’t something to take lightly. At DogRunnin we recognize that your dog(s) are not just pets, but integral members of your family and their well being is important to everyone. With this in mind we want to help you make the most educated choice in assessing who will asset you in meeting your dog’s fitness needs

Can Every Dog Run?

Yes, all dogs love to run. That’s the short answer.

The longer answer is a little more complicated and individual dog dependant. For the most part running is safe, healthy and important for the health of your dog. There are some situations where running needs to be monitored more carefully, growing puppies for example shouldn’t run heavily or it could impact their physical development. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t run at all (puppies love running!), but  that a service like our walk-to-runnin can provide your puppy with the stimulation they love from running while keeping their bodies safe as they grow. In the same way senior dogs who suffer from age related conditions might not be physically capable of a continual running regime. Not every breed of dog is built to run in the same way and if your dog suffers from being overweight or is usually sedentary they won’t be able to run continually right away. Just like when joining the gym checking with a doctor is advisable, we recommend that if you have any reason to feel apprehensive about your dog running you check with your vet.

What are the benefits to running for my dog?

Dogs get a lot of the same benefits from running that humans do. Not only does it improve their over all physical health, there are also many mental health benefits to a stimulating workout from running. Daily running can help the overall temperament of your dog as well as with anxiety, stress, and destructive behaviours.

My dog has no experience running with people…

Don’t worry about that. That’s our job and every dog has to start somewhere.

How often will you take out my dog?

Well that depends on you. We book clients five days a week, but we’ll assess the needs of your dog based on their breed and the lifestyle and commitments of your family. We’ll meet for a consultation, discuss your family's and dog’s needs as well as recommended levels of exercise based on age and breed. We’ll suggest a regular program (and if desired a suitable canine running partner), but ultimately the decision is up to you.

What’s the difference between a dog walker and the service you offer?

Our services are conducted by seasoned athletes able to adapt the workout to the fitness needs of your dogs. For most breeds walking simply doesn’t provide the minimum amount of exercise necessary to maintain your dogs health. The reality is that because of human lifestyles in urban areas most dogs don’t get enough exercise. Unless you’re walking them a lot, it’s hard to meet the minimum daily exercise requirement that your dog needs by just walking. DogRunnin is able to provide your family’s favourite canine with an exercise routine adapted for their breed and age that will help them stay in the best physical condition.