DogRunnin Dryland Challenge

The DogRunnin Dryland Challenge is a series of Dryland (canicross, bikejoring, scooter & rig) events happening across the maritime provinces. Events range from time trials, to fun runs, to sanctioned races by the Maritime Association of Harness dog sports. 

Time Trials are essentially practice races. We use these events so our club members feel confident going into sanctioned competitive racing events. Time trials let you ad your dog(s) practice racing in advance of the real thing. They are a great way to try out new race day routines before the day of so you know if they'll work for you and your dog. Time trials are a part of your training as a team. They are the perfect opportunity to discover what works or what doesn't work for you and your dog(s) before race day comes around. You will be able to confidently step up to the start line on race day when you practice in a recreated race setting - and since you and your dogs will change over time, time trials are a great training routine to regularily revisit. 

Fun Runs are exactly what they sound like. Races and events that follow all the rules for a harness dog sport event but how a winner is determined, if there is a winner, usually differs than a sanctioned competitive event. More social than competitive, fun runs are the perfect opportunity to simply get outside with your dog and friends enjoying athletic activities together. 

Sanctioned Races are competitive events that meet all the standards of the Maritime Association of Harness Dog Sports for the top racing circuit in the region. Participants in these events have the opportunity to collect points from event to event throughout the season. Results from these events are also utilized in determining which teams are eligiable and nominated to compete at national championships sanctioned by the Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports. 

DogRunnin host multiple time trials, fun runs and sanctioned races throughout the year. For information on specific events coming up, visit our events page