Event Consulting

If your athletic event is going to the dogs, we can help make it a success.

Most event organizers take human needs and behaviour into consideration, but if you're planning an event - especially an athletic event, that includes dogs, you've got a lot more to consider. As an event organizer of an event including dogs it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of all participants both human and canine.

Do you route markings account for canine communication as well as human communication?

How many teams can safely start at the same time?

Does your event schedule account for changes in trail conditions throughout the day of the event?

How does, time of year or time of day impact the safety of participants?

Have you accounted for canine behaviour in selecting your race route(s)?

What rules will you put in place?

At DogRunnin we work with race and event organizers across the region to make sure events meet the highest standards of safety for both dogs and humans. With experience working with sanctioning bodies at the regional, national and international level we'll provide you a plan to surpass the standards for the highest caliber of event, attracting a greater number of participants.

Whether you need remote consulting or hands on step by step support from small informal gatherings to large multidiscipline events, at DogRunnin we come alongside your event deliering a workback plan troubleshooting in advance to ensure your event is a success to all participants and stakeholders.