Harness Dog Sport Coaching

DogRunnin currently offers training and coaching across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Want DogRunnin in your community? Contact Us for more information on getting a program started. 

Instruction in harness dog sports offers the chance for you and your dog to get on the same page when you're out being active together. Regardless of which sport(s) you enroll in (canicross or bikejoring), we'll share with you the skills you need for you and your dog to communicate with each other while picking up the pace. While Harness Dog Sports cover a wide range of disciplines, at DogRunnin we focus on small team sports. 

Current Opportunities:

We're currently booking private & semi private coaching across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 40 minute private sessions cost $60 and 40 minute semi-private sessions cost $100 and my be split between up to three teams. Dogs must be a minimum of 9 months of age for these coaching sessions. Classes may be booked at your convience in Halifax and surrounding areas, Moncton & Fredericton. Classes can be booked by emailing info@dogrunnin.com.