Join Club DogRunnin

Join Club DogRunnin

Sure, you and your dog can go for a run alone, but why go alone when you can join a great community of other adventure enthusiasts whole love to be active, and love to be active with their dog(s)? At Club DogRunnin we believe that engaging in physical activity with your dog not only will jump start the health, well being, and fitness of you and your dog, but will strengthen your bond like nothing else can. And unlike many clubs where dogs are not invited, here we make it our mission to facilitate opportunities for you to get active with your favorite four legged athlete. 


Canicross is the sport of running with your dog. Bikejoring is the sport of mountain biking or cyclocross with your dog. Skijoring is the sport of cross country skiing with your dog. These on leash activities are an evolution of mushing, a traditional sled or harness dog sport. At club runs we will cover distances of 4 - 8km on each run meet at different groomed trails around HRM (you'll be notified in advance via our club Facebook group) each week. New to on leash running with your dog? That's ok. Everyone starts somewhere and our staff will be on hand at each run to give you advice and assistance when needed. While not required, we do strongly encourage you to invest in a running harness for your dog and a hands free leash or canicross system for yourself. 

Weekly group runs with Club DogRunnin are free and open to anyone. 

Club DogRunnin FAQs

Do I or my dog need to qualify in any special way to join?  The most important thing is that you have a desire to be out and active with your dog. These are group activities, for your dog's enjoyment it's important that they feel comfortable being in large groups with other dogs. Many people are eager to start running canicross or bikejoring with their dog right away however we suggest you wait until 8-9 months to introduce your dog to running and at least until they are 12 months before building mileage beyond 2km. 

Do I need any special gear? For canicross we recommend a hands free system (canicross belt & bungee or hands free leash) and running harness for your dog. Not sure what to get? Our staff will happily point you in the right direction. For trail running though the run is off leash, we ask you bring a leash on the run. We recommend you invest in a pair of well fitting running shoes (trail running shoes are even better) and apply paw balm to your dogs paws prior to each run. We also recommend you bring water and a bowl for your dog as well as flip flops for yourself for after the run. 

Is there any reason my dog and I couldn't join? We do recommend you let your vet know you plan to be running regularly with your dog. As long as there are no medical reasons for why your dog shouldn't run they are welcome. Remember, prolonged running is never safe for puppies. For young dogs until they are about a year old too much running on unnatural surfaces like concrete can cause long term damage (safe running timelines can differ from breed to breed, we cover this in our Into to Canicross course). Sometimes your vet may discourage prolonged running, usually this is to discourage prolonged running on concrete or asphalt. If you and your dog have received this advice, clarify as natural, ungroomed trails or crusher dust trails may be safe option for them. 

Does this club host or participate in dog friendly races? Yes. Events we're helping to plan, sponsor or host will be shared by our social media pages. You can stay up to date about other canicross, bikejoring, skijoring and sled dog races here. We are planning our own dog friendly races so stay tuned for more details by subscribing to our newsletter

I don't have a dog, can I still join? Of course! But, we will warn you in advance, hanging around so many awesome dogs will make it hard to resist the urge to add four more legs into your family. Run with us at your own risk. 

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