The Team

DogRunnin is the first in Atlantic Canada to specialize in harness dog sports. Committed to going the extra mile for creating dog sport opportunities, we’ve set our sights on raising the standard of service and care to keep your dog both happy, healthy and training effectively together. From group coaching to private training, equipping you with the best gear on the market and settin you up for recreational and competitive success, we believe if you've got a dog, you've got a teammate.

Our team members are experienced athletes. While each have come to harness dog sports from a variety of places, all are accomplished in their own right. Couple this with extensive dog experience and you’ve got a qualified team ready to assist you in becoming not just your dog's owner, but training partner.

Sarah Warford
Owner - Team Lead

When you contact DogRunnin it will be Sarah you connect with, but Pippy, an energetic husky/shepherd mix is the real boss. As a team Sarah and Pippy will help you determine the best exercise routine for your dogs age, breed, health and temperament. With training in dog behaviour and canine fitness, Sarah also holds a undergraduate degree from Saint Mary’s University and a masters level degree from Acadia University. A lover of small team harness dog sports (specifically canicross), Sarah serves as the Regional Director for the Maritime Provinces on the board of the Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports. When Sarah’s not running with dogs you can find her on the soccer field or thrift shopping for the greatest treasures. When Pippy’s not out running you can find her recharging by chewing dirty socks and begging for tummy rubs!

Sarah is the owner and team lead at DogRunnin. She is motivated by the conviction that when we are proactive in canine health, well being and fitness it will extened to the whole family and then to our communities. As an entrepreneur, she is passionate about creating unique opportunities in Nova Scotia and she thrives when facilitating opportunities for her staff to excell (and they do!). Invested in harness dog sports, Sarah is excited about sport development in the region and loves to coach 6-legged teams to achieve their fullest potential together.

Sarah Peel
Coach & Ambassador

A life-long athlete and animal-lover, Sarah comes to us from a hobby farm in New Brunswick, where she grew up working with quarter horses, sheep, and border collies.  Throughout her undergraduate studies, Sarah spent her free time volunteering with the SPCA and coaching youth sports. Sarah started her running career at St. Thomas University, training during the summer with the family border collies, Willow and Abby.  When she isn't running, Sarah likes to unwind with a good book and an over-sized lap dog! 


Sonia Smith

As a lover of all animals and a long distance runner, Sonia is excited to now be a part of the DogRunnin team. Sonia has completed multiple half-marathons as well as the Pre-Veterinary Stream program at UPEI. Sonia is now working towards her honours degree in Psychology in the Canid Behaviour Laboratory at Dalhousie University where she is training dogs in biomedical application. She hopes to pursue a career with working dogs in the future, whether that is in the health sector or in field of forensics.

When Sonia is not in the lab or running, she can be found on the beaches of the South Shore with her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Zoli or baking in the kitchen, a passion the rest of the DogRunnin team love to encourage her in. At DogRunnin Sonia fills roles as both a runner facilitating the needs of our canine clients and an esential component to the success of our canicross and trail running clubs. Sonia's broad experience in training and animal behaviour coupled with her athletic ability make her a valued asset to the DogRunnin team. 

Lauren Mackenzie

Lauren grew up in the world of team sports and always shared a special bond with her canine family and friends. After playing volleyball at Acadia University, she finally found her next team when she adopted her running partner, Ginger the German Shepherd. Ginger pushes Lauren out of her head in all the best ways and reminds her to get up and go. That lesson served her well recently while completing an 800km hike across Spain’s Camino de Santiago. Lauren is excited to put her passion for fitness and wellness to good use working with four legged clients in the Sackville/Bedford area.

When she’s not adventuring with Ginger on the trails and beaches across Nova Scotia, Lauren uses her background in public relations to work and volunteer with not-for-profit organizations like the BlueNose Marathon. Lauren also loves exploring her creative side and is often found covered in flour and sugar, surrounded by art supplies, and singing loudly. 

Lisa & Panda

Meet Panda and her human teammate Lisa. This dynamic duo are joining DogRunnin as ambassadors. Panda and Lisa love to cycle together - they're a force to contend with bikejoring! You can follow their adventures as they #GoDoRunnin on Panda's Instagram @pandapointer!